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Bicycle commuting weather has returned to Calgary. I commuted to work twice last week on my classic Miyata 1000, and plan to beat that record this week. This morning was a little chilly, but at least I didn’t have to scrape the frozen rain off the jeep windshield.

Back in the saddle also means having 2hrs a day again for podcasts. I’m using my daughter’s old iPod nano (also a classic), and its 1G memory just balances my consumption with new content being published.

So, fanfare please, here’s my current list:

  • FLOSS Weekly (, an offering of interviews with free and open source project leaders.
  • The Changelog (, presents interviews with free and open source project leaders, but tends to be geekier than FLOSS Weekly (but not always).
  • BSD Talk (, provides periodic interviews with those active in the BSD (UNIX-like operating system) community (e.g., FreeBSD).
  • Lullabot Drupal Podcast and Drupal Voices ( A great way to get into Drupal CMS development. The Drupal Podcast is a theme-based group effort from the Lullabot development team; Drupal Voices is short inteviews with non-Lullabot Drupal developers.
  • CBC Spark ( a weekly tech program for the lay person, each episode consisting of a half-dozen topics or interviews (full interviews also available for more depth).
  • The World: Technology ( An interesting collection of tech-related stores from around the world (albeit with a western bias).
  • CBC The World This Week. Nice wrap-up of the previous week’s global news to catch up on while bicycling to work Monday morning.
  • CBC Radio 3 Podcast (, a theme-based weekly program of Canadian independent music. I keep a couple annual roadtrip mixtape episodes on the iPod, as well the Sweatin’ to the Indies episode, for when I just want to pedal.
  • CBC Radio 3 Top 30 (, a weekly review of Canadian independent music. This is the first year I watched the Canadian Juno awards (Canada’s equivalent of the US Grammy’s) and recognised most of the songs and artists.

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