I help product visionaries accelerate ROI from new product development through realistic goal setting, pragmatic project management and data-driven NPI, reducing risk and preserving capital.

Hi, I’m Dale Scott, P.Eng. Let me help you succeed with services that include:

  • New Product Engineering Project Management
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • New Product Introduction to Manufacturing
  • Engineering Data Management
  • Engineering Team Creation and Building

How can I help?

I can help you refine your vision, evalute feasibility and cost for a new product concept, develop a proof-of-concept or engineer a finished product, ramp manufacturing, or re-engineer processes to reduce cost and increase quality.

For example,

  • Re-engineer a mature product to continue manufacturing, improve performance, add new features, update certifications, and create a platform for continuing development.
  • Develop a cost-effective proof-of-concept to validate a new product concept.
  • Get bills-of-materials spreadsheets and supply chain under control in a simple and cost effective ERP system, where data can be readily analyzed and actioned.
  • Develop traceable product requirements, verification and validation test plans, and manufacturing test procedures.
  • Provide guidance for effective use of open source software to benefit from the open source paradigm of cooperative development for reduced development cost, schedule and risk. 
  • Document engineering and manufacturing processes to comply with business and regulatory requirements.

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