Maestro Project

The Maestro project is a digital twin for selected operations of the fictional Swift Construction Company (the SCC), a representative small-to-medium-sized engineering and manufacturing company.

The SCC is the back story for exploring engineering product development and general business workflows, using a non-proprietary data set based on:

  • Parts – part numbers, revisions, sources, related documents, bills-of-materials, and change management.
  • Projects – purpose, requirements, plan, people, tasks, scheduling, forecast and consumed labor and costs.
  • Issues – reports, relationships, investigations, and corrective actions.
  • Stock – on-hand quantities of parts, including serial numbers, supply chain, purchasing, and traceability.
  • Files – engineering and ad hoc documents, with revisions, authors, editors, approvers, and search tags.
  • Users – authentication, groups and access control.

Maestro has been used in the evaluation of Tryton, ERPNext, Odoo and webERP.

Maestro Component Diagram


The Swift Construction Company

The Swift Construction Company is based on the company of the same name in the Tom Swift series of youth science fiction and adventure books published in the early 1900’s. The Swift Construction Company was a small-to-medium enterprise (SME), engaged in high-tech design engineering, manufacturing, sales and services.

Books published before 1923 are in the public domain, making the employees, projects, customers and suppliers freely available for the Maestro project.

Tom Swift and His Motorcycle, published 1910, the first book in the Tom Swift series.

SCC Quality Management System (QMS)

The Swift Construction Company maintains a formal quality management system or QMS, modelled on ISO 9001:2008. The SCC Quality System Manual (QSM) is managed online in the SCC Wiki.

Swift Construction Company QSM pages include:


The Swift Construction Company has individuals in typical representative roles needed to explore common business workflows.

Aircraft Wireless

The primary product of the Swift Construction Company used in Maestro is the Aircraft Wireless.

SCC Aircraft Wireless
SCC Aircraft Wireless

Aircraft Wireless Product Lifecycle

1PrototypeProduct protype available for preliminary verification and validation.
2Design ReleaseProduct design complete. Product is available for limited manufacturing until new product introduction process is complete.
3Product ReleaseNew product introduction process complete. Product is available for general sale.
4Manufacturing ImprovementCost and quality continuous improvements.
5Service KitService support kit available for general sale.
Aircraft Wireless Product Development Milestones