Dale Scott, P.Eng. is a results-oriented technical professional,

  • Accomplished managing all phases of the product development life cycle, including product management, engineering development, manufacturing, and support.
  • Believes in a strategy of transparency with trust.
  • Values collaborative teamwork in decision making.
  • Implements data-driven processes for measurable repeatable results.

Dale is a Professional Member of APEGA and registered Professional Engineer. He has a B.Eng. in Computer Engineering from the University of Victoria, and certificates in Computer Science and PMIĀ® PMBOKĀ®-based Project Management from Mount Royal College. Dale creates clarity through crisp, efficient and consistent business processes, tailored to the goals, strategy and people of an organization.

Residing in Calgary, AB, Canada, Dale is available for project or full-time work, on-site or remote. Contact Dale using the Contact form to discuss potential opportunities. You can also find Dale on LinkedIn

Selected Projects

  • Guided the New Product Introduction (NPI) process for a wireless IoT device through successful product launch, coordinating engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and sales.
  • Developed strategic options including development budgets for new product development by an agricultural technology company.
  • Developed open-source training systems to demonstrate ERP, CRM, and PLM workflows.
  • Developed a high-speed high-density sensor data logger, including electronics, PCB and firmware.
  • Developed a proof-of-concept PLM web application for an Oil & Gas services company. 
  • Implemented X-Ray inspection as a component of maintenance re-verification testing to confirm the integrity of electrical cabling. 
  • Configured a proof-of-concept material management system using ERPNext, to demonstrate final product assembly and disassembly with lot and serialized sub-assemblies.
  • Particated as engineering lead on two ISO-9001 certification projects.
  • Led development projects for a variety of industrial products and product families, including GPS-based survey instruments and navigation systems, pro-audio digital signal processing devices, as well as desktop and mobile software applications.
  • Managed development of private-labelled OEM products according to client requirements and expectations. 
  • Developed a hybrid development model to create a custom DSP ASIC for the first commercial GPS receiver accurate to less than 20 cm.
  • Founded the Maestro project to investigate using an open-source model to develop enterprise infrastructure software.