Install mdbtools on Centos 7

Maestro depends on mdbtools for extracting part data from a Parts&Vendors database. I have always used mdbtools on FreeBSD (installing the binary package), but recently have needed mdbtools on Centos 7 for use with ERPNext. I read a number of internet posts recommending installing mdbtools from the Fedora EPEL repository but, if mdbtools is still in EPEL, I need to learn more about installing software on Centos/RHEL.

Except for installing a few pre-requisites, install generally followed the mdbtools github README.mdb.

Install pre-requisites

# yum install glib2-devel
# yum install txt2man
# yum install gnome-doc-utils

Install mdbtools

# cd /root/work
# git clone mdbtools
# cd mdbtools
# autoreconf -i -f
# ./configure
# make
# make install

Use mdbtools

The mdbtools utilities are installed to /usr/local/bin/


Each utility has its own man page

# man mdb-export

and includes built-in short help

mdb-export --help

3 Replies to “Install mdbtools on Centos 7”

  1. I am getting the following error
    mdbsql.c: In function ‘mdb_sql_select’:
    mdbsql.c:822:3: error: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function ‘snprintf’ [-Werror]
    snprintf(tmpstr, sizeof(tmpstr), “%d”, table->num_rows);
    Can you help me?

    1. Hello phc, I am sorry but I haven’t compiled mdb-tools for over 5 years. I suspect you have a buid environment incompatibility of some sort. The FreeBSD project has a binary mdb-tools package available in their ports system, so you know it can be compiled and you can inspect the package source for compiler flags etc that may give you clues to finding a solution for you. I would also find out from the project team what the recommended dev platform is, then build a clean vm and attempt to compile there. Good luck!

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