Are you looking for a student project, internship or resume experience? Do you want to practice existing skills or learn new ones?

Dale is looking for passionate open-source project collaborators. Open-source projects allow you to show your work to others without restriction, and are a great way to demonstrate skills and gain credibility. They are also excellent opportunities to learn new technical and teamwork skills, away from the day-to-day demands of a work environment.

Projects of interest range from high-tech product development to enterprise business software and relevant skills include:

  • Enterprise software management systems (sales, manufacturing, ECR/ECO, engineering product development, PLM, manufacturing, ERP, MRP, inventory control, bookkeeping, accounting, project management, electronic document control and EDMS).
  • Hardware and firmware embedded system development (ARM Cortex-M4, C/C++, RTOS, networking, device drivers and SD data storage, WiFi, BTLE, LPWAN, LoRa, Beaglebone, MSP432, MSP430).
  • Object-oriented software development (Python, Javascript, PHP/Yii, node.js).
  • Unix and Windows® sysadmin and app development (BSD, Linux, networking, mail and communication stacks, file sharing inter-operability, web-app hosting).
  • User experience and user interface (UX and UI) design.
  • Documentation and technical writing.
  • Sales and Business Development.

Contact Dale using the Contact form here to discuss potential collaboration. You can also find Dale on LinkedIn