Dynamic DNS on FreeBSD and NoIP.com

no-ip is the only free dynamic IP address provider that provides a client for FreeBSD (or to give credit where it is due, that some kind volunteer ported to FreeBSD).

Regardless, the service works and I have no complaints, other than forgetting how to set it up when I build a new server. So here, for my reference, is how to set up the client on FreeBSD.

  • Create an account on no-ip, then create a domain (either pay to register a domain, or use one of the free ones available).
  • Build and install the client. I have found you can install the binary using pkg, but the only way to create the binary configuration file is with the port, so you might as well compile it yourself anyway.
    cd /usr/ports/dns/noip/ make install
  • Create the client configuration file.
    make conf

You will be prompted for your no-ip username and password, network interface and hostname (say No when asked if you want to update all your hosts, you’ll then be prompted for each of the hostnames you have registered (fwiw, the configu file is /usr/local/etc/no-ip2.conf).

  • Edit /etc/rc.conf to start noip at boot.
  • Start the noip service.
    service start noip service status noip

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