Maestro Trial Screencast

I’ve been experimenting with creating Maestro screencasts using Ubuntu GNU Linux on my ThinkPad T23. Here’s a short demo showing the Project Management component. It should play without issue using FireFox, but you will need to install the Ogg Theora codec if you use Internet Explorer (FireFox comes with it built-in).  Oh, and there’s no audio….. (I said it was an experiment <wink>)


The Law of Explanation

I came across the Law of Explanation yesterday and it really resonated with what I’ve been trying to explain to our children:

The first half says “When you’re explaining something to somebody and they don’t get it, that’s not their problem, it’s your problem.” Anything that’s important, that’s deep enough to matter, is probably not self-evident; it’s going to require a lot of explanation, and that’s an essential part of your job.

The second half says “When someone’s explaining something to you and you’re not getting it, that’s not your problem, it’s their problem.”  The effect of this one is that you have to do a very courageous thing: say “No, I don’t understand.”

Wouldn’t the world be a better place? Tim Bray, XML co-inventor and Director of Web Technologies at Sun Microsystems, reportedly explained the law in a convocation speech given at his Alma Mater this spring (and shamelessly stolen by me from Barton George’s excellent blog

New Self-Hosted WordPress Site

Welcome to my new self-hosted WordPress site. I’ll be musing here on providing enterprise solutions using using free and open source software for both large traditional organizations and new startups. I’ll also be writing about Maestro, the SCC business support system, a free and open source solution I’m developing for empowering enterprises with a philosophy of Transparency with Trust.

I hope you will find some of the topics of value, and also look forward to your feedback on topics that resonate with you.