webERP at Calgary EPTECH 2017

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I will be at the EPTECH electronics exhibition in Calgary on March 9 to present webERP as the ideal platform for engineering PLM and to manage parts and orders for engineering prototyping and small-volume production. Watch for me if you’re going to be there, I would love to hear about the challenges facing you, and what strategies you have found work best.

Engineering teams need to manage part numbers for off-the-shelf and custom parts, and bills of materials for assemblies, including keeping track of selected COTS OEM part numbers and vendor information for purchasing, and the current revision of a custom part (and why it’s the current version). Engineering teams must also control source documents for custom parts, such as mechanical drawings, schematics and PCB fabrication files, and also often manage prototype and small-volume purchasing and manufacturing.

webERP is the ideal platform for an engineering team to organize and manage this information with trust and transparency, providing controlled access to anyone in the organization who needs it. webERP is a fully-featured enterprise-grade ERP system, but it is equally suitable for use at an engineering department level.

EPTECH is Canada’s only series of coast-to-coast national electronics shows, targeting electronics designers, engineers, technicians, technologists, purchasers, technical managers and researchers. A broad spectrum of the electronics industry will be on display, including passive and semiconductor devices, electro-mechanical components, test equipment, contract test and manufacturing services…. EPTECH is also a place where the local community can cross paths on an annual basis, the significance of which is often under-estimated. 


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