ATK / Achievo Update

I’ve committed to the Yii framework now for building Maestro (check Maestro posts for more information). I’m not following the rss feed from the Achievo forum anymore, and I’ve removed (sigh…) the Achievo/ATK menu from my website so as to not mislead anyone as to my involvement. However, Achievo’s features and simple user and administrator interface are still unrivaled in an open source app of its type, and Maestro will be strongly influenced by Achievo.

In case the information is still of benefit to anyone, here’s the content from the static Achievo/ATK menu page.

– dale

Achievo / ATK

Achievo is a web-based Business Support Services (BSS) application for organizations, built using the ATK Framework and licensed under the GPL. Achievo was originally developed by iBuildings, but is transitioning to community leadership. Achievo includes a rich set of core modules, including support for employees, projects (phases and activities), timesheets, organizations, contacts, CRM (customers, campaings and contracts), and document management. There are a wide variety of Add-on modules available for additional functionality, and you can add or develop Custom modules for more more specific requirements. Achievo is stable and suitable for production.

The ATK framework is a special purpose PHP framework targeted at business applications. It allows database-type applications to be build quickly and with very small amounts of code. Its focus on business features makes it an excellent framework for HRM, CRM, data management and CMS type applications. The ATK framework was originaly developed by iBuildings, but is transitioning to community leadership. The ATK Framework is stable and suitable for production.

Adapto is a new project led by Ivo Jansch, who conceived Achievo and the ATK framework, to re-implement the concepts proven in the ATK framework to the next level, concentrating on easy to use CRUD functionality for relational databases and other data sources with only a few lines of code, and using the Zend Framework (v2) for caching, view rendering, database connectivity, etc..


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    1. Hi Javier, iBuildings (or their hoster) have restored the servers. The servers are managed by iBuildings; I have no control over them.

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