Yii PHP framework

I came across the Yii PHP framework and have been doing a deep dive working through a number of Yii tutorials to understand the Yii framework and development model. So far I’m extremely excited, the Yii framework is fully featured and there are loads of third-party modules to handle the edge cases. If all goes well, my plan is to build Maestro using Yii in a greenfield project, instead of an Achievo extension module using the ATK framework.

I bought several books on Yii and am working their tutorials as fast as I can type. So far I can recommend them all.

They have their own unique perspective, development environment, workflow and tool set components, which has been instructive, and Yii 1.1 Application Development Cookbook includes an excellent guide to the Zii component library.

I have also found the community-supported Yii Playground project, which includes functional demos of Zii components with code examples.

And now, back to the books…

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  1. I think ATK/Achievo is still a great businees Application Framework, I used ATK since 2006. I my self decide in My Company everyone should master at least basic atkdemo, and every new hire should pass atk farmework test.

    I think someone should write books like ATK for dummy and Advance ATK, and need sponsor and marketing to increase activity and improvement (like integrating with Zend Framework).

    1. I agree with everything you say Bahtiar. Have you looked at the Adapto framework?. Ivo Jansch, the visionary for Achievo/ATK, started the Adapto project to take the concepts proven with ATK to the next level, using updated technology and using the Zend Framework for basic functionality such as rendering, etc. (see the GitHub Adapto project for more info).

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