Communicating with an Open Source Project Community

When the ERPNext project was starting up, I recommended being explicit regarding controlling various rights for the good of the project:

  • source code license
  • source code copyright ownership
  • name and logo trademark control

Seeing the project today, I commend the ERPNext team for their professionalism and being up front and clear about the rights, and will use this post as an excuse to experiment with the ERPNext project’s stated preferences for sharing code snippets and screen shots when posting to the project’s message board.

All very cool, and I really like the message board.

Also, I found out Greenshot, an open-source screenshot application for Windows, will send directly to imgr. Very cool, but I don’t understand how providing this anonymous service benefits imgur, maybe the images will be gone in 24 hours. I’ll check back tomorrow.

ERPNExt file from Github

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