ATK rocks on!

I received a blast-from-the-past email yesterday wanting to know how to format  ATK code for submitting a patch. I was going to simply refer them to the ATK GitHub project I helped create, but then thought I’d better check and see what’s been happening in the project lately (regular readers will be know I’ve been developing with Yii for the past couple year).

I was pleasantly surprised to find the project has been forked, and there’s been a lot of new development supported by the Italian company Sintattica. ATK was originally developed in Belgium, which proves open-source knows no national boundaries!

The new project still has some community relations work to do as the links and developer information in haven’t been updated since forking, and there doesn’t seem to be a public issue tracker, but it seems ATK could be off to a great new beginning. There’s even a new development branch featuring PSR-4 compatibility and a modern class system!

It’s great to see ATK continue as a presence in the rapid web app development space, and it’s rewarding to think my efforts migrating the source from iBuilding’s Subversion repo to GitHub may have helped in some small way. With the buzz that new fad frameworks attract from their fanboyz before fading away, it’s refreshing to see a truly innovative idea continue. Thanks iBuildings and Ivo for starting the project, and thanks Sintattica for your support.


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