webERP Tutorials

Available webERP tutorials:

#1. Installing webERP

Install webERP on Apache 2.4 and MariaDb 10.0.

#2. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) using webERP

Create parts, identify vendor, configure unit-of-measure, create bill-of-materials.

#3. Purchasing using webERP

Issue purchase order, receive stock, make payment.

#4. Manufacturing using webERP

Create work order, receive output goods, close work order.

#5. Managing projects using WebERP

(a work in process) Presents manufacturing and contract-based options for managing projects using webERP, and how to configure webERP to the manufacturing option, strategy, but does not describe a complete solution.


Additional topics may include the following. Please voice your support for these or other topics using the comment form.

#1. Using Timesheets with webERP

Walk-through of timesheet process from user perspective to entering time spent on tasks, supervisor perspective to reviewing and approve subordinate timesheets, and management perspective to analyze labor use. 

#2. Stabilizing webERP

Presents a controlled continuous integration strategy for accepting new code from the project team, integrating with internal custom code, and releasing for use internally. 

#3. Purchasing from a BOM using webERP

Order from an arbitrary level of a product BOM tree.

#4. Managing Controlled Stock using webERP

Maintain lot or OEM serial number for incoming raw material. Assigning a lot or serial number internally during manufacturing. Manufacturing using controlled raw materials. Managing controlled stock. Selling controlled stock.

#5. CRM using webERP

Basic level of integration with SuiteCRM, similar to webERP Wiki integration for document and knowledge capture.

#5. Using webERP as an IIoT Backend

IIoT devices can create transactions or record resource use (or supply) in webERP as part of a larger business process.


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  1. Thank you for these tutorials. They are detailed and easy to understand. I really appreciate it. I am looking forward to the CRM one! Thanks again!

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