Installing KeepassX on openSUSE 12.1

Update 2012-02-07: I didn’t know about Open-SUSE’s 1-Click Install when I first installed Keepassx and wrote the post below. The simplest solution turned out to be searching on for Keepassx, and then click 1-Click Install. Easy! (still had to accept the security key though).

I recently switched to openSUSE on my T61 laptop, but then found I couldn’t install KeepassX because wasn’t available in the default repositories. Here’s how I solved that:

1) Open YAST and, under theĀ Software category, open User and Group Management.

2) Click Add and add repository

YAST reported that the encryption key for the repository had expired and reported I could accept it, but I had to expand the window first before I could see the Accept button.

3) Open Install/Remove Software, search for KeepassX and install.