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Dale has extensive cross-functional experience gained during a varied career working with startups to global multi-nationals, with leadership roles in embedded product engineering and product management, project management, technical sales support, and manufacturing operations. Dale spent the early part of his career developing electronics and firmware for industrial process control, GPS-based positioning engines, survey and navigation products, and audio processing devices and technology. Mid-career, Dale gained valuable experience in business operations, providing leadership for custom electronics manufacturing and quality assurance. Recently Dale has been working with small business owners to introduce new stand-alone and IoT-type industrial products to market in regulated industries.

In 2006, Dale began solving engineering and enterprise process problems using mature open-source software technologies. In 2009, Dale created dalescott.net to raise awareness of the business value of open source software. Dale has a B.Eng. in Computer Engineering, and certificates in PMI-based PMBOK® Project Management and also Computer Science – specializing in business processes.


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