Dale Scott, P.Eng. is a results-oriented technical professional,

  • Accomplished managing all phases of the product development life cycle, including product management, engineering development, manufacturing, and support.
  • Believes in a strategy of transparency with trust.
  • Values collaborative teamwork in decision making.
  • Implements data-driven processes for measurable repeatable results.

Dale is a Professional Member of APEGA and registered Professional Engineer. He has a B.Eng. in Computer Engineering from the University of Victoria, and certificates in Computer Science and PMIĀ® PMBOKĀ®-based Project Management from Mount Royal College. Dale creates clarity through crisp, efficient and consistent business processes, tailored to the goals, strategy and people of an organization.

Residing in Calgary, AB, Canada, Dale is available for project or full-time work, on-site or remote. Contact Dale using the Contact form to discuss potential opportunities. You can also find Dale on LinkedIn