Maestro Overview

Maestro is conceptually a set of interrelated modules that reflect business processes of the the fictional Swift Construction Company (SCC). 

  • Parts (part numbers, revisions, sources, related documents, bills-of-materials, change management…).
  • Projects (requirements, plan, people, tasks, scheduling, time spent…).
  • Issues (reports, relationships, investigations and analysis, corrective actions…).
  • Stock (serial numbers and quantities, purchasing, production, trace-ability…).
  • Files (engineering and ad hoc documents, revisions, authors, editors, approvers, tags…)
  • Users (authentication, role-based access control…)

Maestro provides the mechanism for the enterprise to share information and decisions with Trust and Transparency™.

Maestro Component Diagram

Maestro supports a variety of users.

Product Example

Product workflows in Maestro will concern engineering product development, new product introduction to manufacturing, and maintenance engineering of the Aircraft Wireless.

Aircraft Wireless Product Lifecycle

1Prototype2013-01-01Engineering prototype
2Revise PCB2013-01-02Design completed
3Prouct Release2013-01-03Marketing assemembly
4Manufacturing Improvement2013-01-04Cost and quality improvements
5Release Service Kit2013-01-05Service support kit

The formal project plan for the Aircraft Wireless project is documented in the SCC Quality Management System.