Maestro project re-scoping

The Maestro project has been re-scoped as a data set for demonstrating and testing ERP and ERP-like applications. Instead of developing Maestro as a standalone application, Maestro will be a concept for the operation of a product development and manufacturing enterprise, based on documented workflows and a basic dataset.

This decision was based on the amount of work still needed to achieve a minimum viable feature set, and new opportunities made possible by implementing Maestro concepts on other platforms such as webERP, ERPNext, and Odoo (formerly OpenERP). I sincerely appreciate Maestro contributors Serge and Mark for their development help, for helping me better understand the challenges of developing a greenfield web application, and for helping me learn how to manage an opensource project.

I’ll be posting more on my experiences with various implementation platforms, but I can tell you for now I’m excited about the new opportunities!

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