backup, Backup, BACKUP!

You may recall my post from May 2009, where I described how my FreeNAS box was “temporary unavailable”. The story now has a happy ending. Everything is back, including family digital photo’s and scanned image going back to the turn of the century. However, the moral of the story is still backup, Backup, BACKUP. (at least 2 independent copies!).

  • Fall 2009 – the mother board and system drive fail in my FreeNAS box. The array configuration is lost, and I feel lost. I start researching FreeBSD, the unix-like operating system used by FreeNAS.
  • April 2010 – I attended COSSFEST 2010 and met Paul from Protospace, demonstrating a blinky-LED project in the meeting lounge.
  • May 2010 – I cleaned out the basement and donated a lot of old electronics hardware to Protospace while it might still have value to someone else. While there, I met Andrew Preece, a storage specialist and all-round uber-geek, who said he could help with my data recovery problem.
  • May 2010 – I spent the day with Andrew at Protospace. In a couple hours Paul had reversed engineered and rebuilt the array configuration, and we had a file listing. and had a file listing  and reconstructed the array. You can’t imagine my exhilaration when Andrew pulled a file listing from the previously uncooperative drive array, and everything was intact. Another 7 hours and I had a complete backup – and a nice Mother’s Day surprise for my wife.


P.S. Thanks also to “Andrew 2”, who provided moral support while hacking together a security system for an upcoming paintball game (and made a Starbucks coffee run to keep us going!).

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