Fedora 17 on my T61 ThinkPad

On the encouragement of Victor, a low-level embedded ‘nix developer I had the pleasure of working with a few years back, I loaded Fedora 17 onto a T61 ThinkPad dev laptop (a recent glowing review on the Linux Action Show was added encouragement). I had avoided Fedora primarily due to its relatively short support period, but then thought “Hey, I’m not using it for my server,” (FreeBSD 8.3 has security support to June 2014) , “and I like the Fedora/REL relationship.” (REL seems to be the only ‘nix in local use that’s “corporately-approved” and even though I have no intention to leave FreeBSD, a greater familiarity wouldn’t be a bad thing).

Install was a breeze. I downloaded the F17 ISO and dd’d it onto a 1G usb key, configured the T61’s BIOS for USB boot, and backed up my OpenSuse ~/ directory. The T61 booted from the live F17 system on the USB key without issue and let me do some basic experimenting – configuring ‘net access through my WAP and a bit of repo browsing to make sure KeePassX was available. After seeing everything was OK, it was a couple clicks to install F17 onto the hard drive (the install even copied my WEP key from the live environment!).

The only issue so far is that I can’t shutdown directly from the desktop, first having to log out, and then shutdown (i.e., 2 steps). Could I be missing something? Meanwhile, I’m going to just suspend for now on and see how long I can go without a crash. Maybe it’s like a tablet, and Fedora is basically saying in normal operation you never actually shutdown.


P.S. I have put new howto in the knowledgebase for creating a PhpStorm / XAMPP/LAMPP / XDebug with Fedora 17. See How to install XAMPP and PhpStorm on Fedora 17.