Web App Design

The Maestro project is looking for a detail-oriented Web App Design team member.

Maestro is a free and open source Business Support System, incorporating a data model based on transparency with trust, and especially suited to SME design and manufacturing organizations.

This is a unpaid temporary project-based position, suitable for student project or internship work. Team members work remotely.

Example Responsibilities

  • Creative workflow and user interface visualization for accessing, capturing, and publishing content
  • Vision implementation using de-facto standard applications, frameworks, and other tools.
  • Participate in determining strategic direction

Required Skills

  • Demonstrated creative ability in selection, organization, and creation of digital imagery and content for function and appearance (e.g., menus, icons, grid-based web
    development, news and other feed presentation, etc.)
  • Demonstrated configuration and/or administration skills with typical content management applications (e.g., MediaWiki, Drupal, WordPress)
  • Good sketching, written and verbal communication skills
  • Troubleshooting ability

Desirable Skills

  • Experience in free and open source web application development for a unix PHP/MySQL production environment and following industry best practices, including file version control (e.g. Subversion), rapid prototyping, requirements traceability, etc.
  • Experience developing on a full-stack PHP application framework (e.g. Yii).
  • Experience with industry best practices, including ISO 9001:2008, failure reporting and corrective action systems, electronic document control or records management, manufacturing bills of materials and change management processes (including supplier and manufacturer specification), bookkeeping, accounting, process and business metrics and dashboards, regulatory compliance conformance requirements (e.g. WHMIS, EMI/EMC, ROHS, ATEX), etc.
  • Certificate, diploma, or degree in a related field

To Apply

Submit a request to be considered using the Contact Form. You will be contacted for further information.