Maestro might move to Yii…

I might have been premature…

I wrote a week ago that I was moving Maestro, the SCC business support system project, to the Yii framework, which really was my intent at the time. However, I’ve been mired in database design for the past week working on the object layer for Parts&Vendors® (or at least what will be supported), but at the same time I’ve also been been working through Web App Development with Yii and PHP to get up to speed with Yii development.

By the way, Web App Development with Yii and PHP is a really great book. I’ve also been reading Yii Rapid Application Development Hotshot and The Yii Book at the same time. They all have their own perspective, development environment, workflow and tool set components (to some degree), which has been instructive. I’ve also just bought Yii 1.1 Application Development Cookbook, which has the best (only?) printed documentation on the Zii component library (the second edition is due out in only a couple months, but I couldn’t wait).

First, Yii is an active project and the books available are getting me up to speed much faster than I was with ATK. However, getting something as as simple as the ATK – A Business Framework tutorial isn’t nearly as simple as it first seemed. ATK has a better out-of-the-box theme experience, and while grid displays, searching, paging, etc. are bundled with ATK, Yii requires add-ons for the same functionality. The included Zii library appears to provide at least some similar functionality, but it doesn’t seem to be documented beyond the API – which certainly doesn’t make it makes it easier to use than ATK. However, to be fair, there is a community-supported Yii Playground project, that includes functional demos of Zii components with code examples (similar to the ATK Demo), but I don’t know many Zii components there are, and if they’re all in the playground or only some. Unfortunately though, although the books cover the functional stuff really well, and so far I haven’t found much on how exactly does one design a site. Hopefully Larry will get into more of that in The Yii Book

So, the jury is still out on the move to Yii. Learning about Yii is helping me understand ATK, but ATK is still an eventual dead-end. The best case (at least for me) would probably be if Adapto worked with Yii (instead of the Zend Framework). Maybe I’ll have to figure out how….

Maestro – the SCC Business Support System

I named the Swift Construction Company business support system concept Maestro after hearing Kohsuke Kawaguchi explain on FLOSS Weekly why he named his project Jenkins. Kawaguichi-san explained service applications should be named like a person, so that users identify with the application by saying things like:

  • Did you get the bill of materials from Maestro yet?
  • Was the drawing filed in Maestro?
  • Ask Maestro for a where-used report before we modify that part.
  • What drawing rev does Maestro say that serial number was made to?

Makes sense to me!

Maestro is moving to Yii

After much consideration (and some initial regret), I’m moving Maestro, the SCC Business Support System project, to the Yii framework. I’ll give more details later, explaining why moving off Achievo and the ATK framework was necessary, and why Yii is the best fit for the project, but my first priority is to write code until I’ve got a basic functional prototype.

So far, I’m pretty stoked about using Yii. More to come…..