Yaa Hoo! It’s the Calgary Stampede!

The gosling arrived as usual this spring. Parents are always the same, wary as ever, and hissing and honking when anyone gets too close. Do you have children?


A few weeks later the ducklings arrived. Our daughter thwarted Mother Nature and rescued 4 chicks being harassed by crows (reluctant dinner guests?). After a number of calls to various civic and provincial government offices and environmental NGO’s, the chicks were relocated to a nearby backyard sanctuary on Sundance Lake.



The deer in Fish Creek Provincial Park are friendly as usual…


Hey, we have a new patio now!


Yaa Hoo! it’s a parade.


My friend Ian spent his day shuttling visitors to the parade route in his big white limo.


Like many Oil & Gas companies, we hold a Stampede Breakfast. This year I got out my road bike for the trip downtown. Not far after leaving home, I met James making his regular commute from Canyon Meadows to a downtown office. Chatting as we rode, we made the 1-1/2 hr ride in what seemed like only minutes.


Yee Haa! Some young ladies two-stepping at the corporate breakfast.


These young ladies are our Quality Assurance Inspectors.


Horses are everywhere during Stampede week. Here are some tenderfoot’s, touring the downtown from horse-drawn carriages.


After breakfast, it was time to head to work. I rode out of downtown on the pedestrian bridge just visible center-right, down the Bow River pathway a piece, and then onto the Irrigation Canal pathway the rest of the way to work. Just another commute in paradise! (~1hr from downtown to Foothills Industrial).


Keep the rubber side down!