Maestro Project

MaestroTM is an open-source proof-of-concept ERP for EngineersTM, providing  Transparency with TrustTM to design, manufacturing and support teams by managing information related to projects, parts, stock, issues and people. Drawing inspiration from Parts&VendorsTM (and supporting data migration),  Maestro adds additional enterprise such as true multi-user client-server operation and integrated document control. Data for the fictional Swift Construction Company (the SCC) is developed as part of Maestro.

Maestro is developed as an open source project and uses the permissive business-friendly BSD 2-Clause License. The goal of the Maestro project is to develop an integrated business management solution suitable for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to manage parts, projects, material, documents and issues.



  • Projects (projects, tasks, issues, requirements)
  • Parts (part master, parts lists, sources, specifications)
  • Stock (kitting, ordering, serialization and lots)
  • Documents (part specifications, work instructions, test results…)
  • Issues (failure reporting and corrective actions)
  • Help (locally customizable)
  • Users (role-based access control, competencies)
  • Competencies and Training
  • Customers (CRM)
Maestro Modules
Maestro Modules

MaestroTM, ERP for EngineersTM and Transparency with TrustTM are unregistered trademarks of Dale R. Scott, and can be used according to the Maestro Trademark and Logo Policy.