Maestro Update

SCC Maestro now consists of:

  • Maestro Desktop (WordPress, WP LDAP Simple Login)
  • Maestro Mail (SquirrelMail, Postfix, Dovecot)
  • Maestro Users (OpenLDAP, phpLdapAdmin)
  • Maestro Issues (MantisBT)
  • Maestro Parts, Manufacturing and Material (Tryton)

Significant advancements include Maestro Desktop, a launching point for Maestro components, a webmail client for Maestro Mail, and an IMAP mail interface to Maestro Mail for enterprise users to bring Maestro Mail into their own system.

Upcoming advancements include Maestro Documents, a new document management component, integrated with Maestro Desktop.

A VirtualBox virtual appliance will be available shortly. Use the contact form to receive additional information.

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