Full Custom – sometimes the only solution

Maestro is again a ground-up Yii-based application, and has been merged with the previously separately developed SCC dataset in a single Maestro repo.

Recent explorations of OpenERP (now Odoo), Tryton and ERPNext provided useful insights into user interface and implementation alternatives. However all were found missing fundamental relationships critical for Maestro, such as issues to parts, issues to stock items, stock items to projects, and general management of serialized stock items. Further, although these “high-level frameworks” have many advantages, the time and effort required to become useful developing with them was found to be not insignificant. Finally it was deemed more efficient to scale back requirements in return for more immediate progress towards a minimum viable product.

A new demo system has been created on swiftconstructioncompany.net. The code currently running is from early 2014 (before development was halted to investigate OpenERP, Tryton and ERPNext), but will be updated after overhauling the database schema. When the demo is complete, it will include a local email server with webmail client for viewing user mail, and an LDAP server for user authentication.

A virtual machine will also be made available for download if there is enough interest (please indicate interest using the contact form).

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