Maestro Project

The goal of the Maestro™ project is to develop an open-source business model for an engineering, manufacturing and sales business, based on the fictional Swift Construction Company.   

The Maestro project was created to investigate open-source software development as a strategy for enterprise infrastructure software. System requirements and operational situations are documented using non-confidential user stories based on the fictional Swift Construction Company, avoiding the need to divulge potentially sensitive confidential information. 

The project has grown to include the Maestro PLM proof-of-concept web application, and Maestro continues to provide a framework for exploring enterprise business processes and business software systems.

Maestro Model

The Maestro model is a set of interrelated functional modules, similar to most enterprise software management solutions. 

  • Parts (part numbers, revisions, sources, related documents, bills-of-materials, change management…).
  • Projects (requirements, plan, people, tasks, scheduling, time spent…).
  • Issues (reports, relationships, investigations and analysis, corrective actions…).
  • Stock (serial numbers and quantities, purchasing, production, trace-ability…).
  • Files (engineering and ad hoc documents, revisions, authors, editors, approvers, tags…)
  • Users (authentication, role-based access control…)


Maestro Component Diagram


The Maestro environment allows information and files shared within an organization to have Trust and Transparency™




Maestro PLM

Maestro PLM is a proof-of-concept reference web application. The code is hosted on Github and licensed according to the business-friendly permissive BSD 2-Clause License.

Maestro PLM is web-based for ease of access with enterprise features such as true multi-user operation, document control, and material management. 



Maestro Server

Maestro Server is a conceptual stand-alone business process management server. Maestro Server enables enterprises to easily evaluate Maestro features without a significant IT investment. Maestro Server is fully-stand-alone, but can also be integrated with existing IT infrastructures.

Download Maestro Server Datasheet