Maestro Update

Maestro now consists of the following components:

  • Maestro Mail (Postfix, Mutt)
  • Maestro Users (OpenLDAP, phpLdapAdmin)
  • Maestro Issues (MantisBT)
  • Maestro Parts, Manufacturing and Material (Tryton)

Integration consists of single-point maintenance of user master data (authentication and email address) in an LDAP server, integrated with Issue Management and Material Management for user authentication.

The LDAP server (OpenLDAP) holds user names, login ids, and email addresses. Issue management (MantisBT) and material management (Tryton) authenticate users against through OpenLDAP. If LDAP authentication fails (the user id is not known or the provided password is not authenticated), Tryton falls back to local authentication (Mantis has no fall back). Email notices from MantisBT and Tryton are sent and received internally via Maestro Mail, and can be read – and also sent – using the Mutt mail client.

The next integration milestone will bring signicant mail improvements. A web-mail client will be provided for reading Maestro Mail, and an IMAP mail interface will be provided for enterprise users to bring Maestro Mail into their own system.

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