webERP was one of the first popular web-based open-source ERP systems. The project was founded in 2001 and has been in active development since. webERP is especially suitable for small businesses, in particular in areas with slow internet connections, and is supported by a strong network of independent consultants and contractors.

Please see the demo on (login as “auditor” with password “guest”).

webERP is a complete fully-featured ERP system, but can also be used by an engineering department to manage Product Lifecycle and Manufacturing Engineering, managing parts and vendors used for new product development, and for managing prototype manufacturing. webERP can also be integrated with a wiki-type Content Management System (CMS) to control related documents including mechanical drawings, electronics schematics and PCB fabrication files.

webERP is a typical “AMP” (Apache-MySQL-PHP) application for easy hosting. Operation is menu-controlled using hyperlink lists for simplicity. Javascript is used sparingly, and techniques such as Ajax are avoided for maximum client compatibility and the best performance over slower internet connections. webERP is licensed by the GPL v2.

Dale maintains a reference repository on GitHub synchronized to the webERP project’s Sourceforge  repository, and a development fork for developers preferring to use Git and GitHub. These repositories are not formally associated with the webERP project. Please refer the files for more information (here, and here respectively)

Please contact for further information and to discuss use.