ERPNext is a leader in the new era of social ERP, an open-source web-based system for SMEs. ERPNext is as powerful as it is easy to use. Support your existing financial system with the information you need readily available to act on and guide decisions. ERPNext includes powerful data export and load capabilities for transitioning between systems.

Access the demo here.

ERPNext is developed using modern web application techniques and coded using Python and Javascript (ECMAScript).

Please contact Dale for more information or to discuss potential use.


  • Demo site to illustrate front-office lead identification and sales conversion (CRM), and back-office engineering PLM and manufacturing workflows (e.g. engineer-to-order, make-to-order).
  • Proof-of-concept manufacturing engineering for an Oil & Gas services company to consolidate engineering PLM, manufacturing (item tracking to lot/batch and serial number when needed, use-before date, etc.), and material management (tracking item use, maintenance, issues, etc.).