Product Engineering

Dale has amassed considerable expertise in the engineering design and manufacturing of high-tech professional and industrial products, and building and managing high-performing cross-functional engineering teams.

  • Embedded Systems
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things

An Embedded System is a computing device that the user doesn’t really know or care is a computing device. For example, a smart phone, a tablet computer, an HVAC temperature control system, GPS and map-based navigation systems, DVD/Blu-ray players and home media systems, etc. Creating an “embedded” device typically involves a highly technical and cross-functional skills, including mechanical design, electronics and physical circuit board design, user interaction and interface design, software engineering and coding, and regulatory compliance.

Cloud Computing just means “not on my computer”. If it happens in the cloud, it’s happening on a computer somewhere, just not on yours. Web sites are “in the cloud” for the most part. The technology involved ranges widely depending on the application and the implementation strategy, but often is a mix of unix system administration, web application development and database administration.

IoT (Internet of Things) is a nice story – devices everywhere communicating with cloud-based services to make the world a better place. However, this only describes where technology is going. It will get there by solving real problems for real people, and involve a network of data sensors sending information to a server for processing and reporting on. The local connection to the cloud may be wired, a wireless access point (e.g. WiFi, Sub-1 GHz, ANT or BLE), or direct wireless access via a mobile or satellite data network. Developing an IoT product or service can span a number of technologies, but generally involves embedded system development for sensor nodes, a network stack, and server-side software for data processing (and likely also user and administrator web portals).

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