X2CRM is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) web application, used by a company to organize information about customers, leads, and other contacts, and to provide a structured process or framework for progressing leads to customers.

Please see the demo on dalescott.net (login as “auditor” with password “guest”).

X2CRM (aka X2Engine) was founded by John Roberts, who previously co-founded SugarCRM. John’s goal was to develop a superior user interface, create a new more powerful data model, and to take advantage of current web technologies (compared to the first generation of open-source CRMs such as TigerCRM and SugarCRM). X2CRM also affirmed John’s belief in an open-source business model. Although a “Freemium” business model was used initially to grow the business (providing a free Community version and commercial Professional and Platinum versions, the X2Engine company announced in April 2016 that it had become revenue self-sufficient, and that all features of the Platinum version would be provided in the v6 open-source release.

X2CRM was developed using the PHP Yii OO RAD framework, which coincidentally I also used for my Maestro project.

Please contact Dale for more information or to discuss potential use.