SuiteCRM is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) web application, used by a company to organize information about customers, leads, and other contacts, and to provide a structured process or framework for progressing leads to customers.

Please see the demo on (login as “auditor” with password “guest”).

SuiteCRM started out in around 2004 as SugarCRM. SugarCRM enjoyed incredible growth from ~2004 to ~2013 following a semi-open-source model. Around 2015, SugarCRM abandoned an open-source business model and changed to a proprietary closed-source model. This may have been due to growth in the community outside of SugarCRM (the company), providing SugarCRM support and building extensions, and SugarCRM (the company) not getting what they thought was their fair share of the revenue pie.

As a result of SugarCRM moving to closed-source, the community took the last opensource release of SugarCRM and created SuiteCRM. The move appears to have been successful, with regular releases and now a thriving ecosystem exists around SuiteCRM with professional support options and development partners.

Please contact Dale for more information or to discuss potential use.