Demos hosts a number of web applications related to enterprise management and engineering product development in particular. All applications are open-source and free of purchase or licensing costs. Contact to learn more or arrange a free tour of any of the applications. 

  • ERPNext is a fully featured web-based ERP system and leader in the era of postmodern ERP. As powerful as it is easy to use, ERPNext can be used stand-alone or to enhance the capabilities of an existing system. Commercial support is provided by ERPNext sponsor Frappe Technologies, who offer a variety of services, and by a strong network of independent consultants.
  • Nextcloud is the most deployed on-premises file share and collaboration platform for tens of millions of users at thousands of organizations across the globe. Commercial support is available form Nextcloud sponsor Nextcloud GmbH (who also provide certified compliance), and by a strong network of independent consultants. 
  • MantisBT was initially developed as a software bug tracker but it is also an effective enterprise issue management system. Immediate benefits can be reaped managing projects more effectively and more efficient collaboration over issues. Effective support is provided by the MantisBT community. 
  • SuiteCRM is fully-featured Customer Relationship Management software. Starting life in 2004 as SugarCRM, SuiteCRM broke away in 2015 to continue the project using an open source license. Commercial support is available from the SuiteCRM sponsor SalesAgility, and the thriving ecosystem also includes many other professional support options and development partners.
  • TimeTracker is an easy-to-use time sheet system that can provide input data for project management, generate invoices for consultants and contractors, and notify workers and managers of time commitments. TimeTracker is supported by its developer and an active community.
  • ProjeQtOr is open source enterprise project management software. The acronym stands for Quality based Project Organizer to reference the strong quality management philosophy of ProjeQtOr, including indicators, alerts and workflow. 
  • webERP is the original web-based open-source ERP software for web-based small business accounting. Founded in 2001 by a New Zealand accountant, webERP has proven to be especially suitable for small businesses with slow internet connections, and is supported by a network of independent consultants and contractors.
  • Maestro PLM is a proof-of-concept PLM and stock management system, and successfully demonstrated the feasibility of developing enterprise software using an open source strategy. 

Demo data in the applications is from the Maestro Project