Calgary COP

We made it to Dec 12 this year with only one snow storm so cycling has been great, but snow has arrived and it’s winter time now. My daughter and I had great fun taking snowboard and ski lessons last year at Calgary’s Canada Olympic Park, and this year we purchased a family pass. Our first day out was Dec 7 – a monumentally snowy day!

Waiting for the Chair Lift


The View from the Top


A New Snowboarder is Born


Fire and First Snow

I’m always on the lookout for an opportunity to bike commute. I often drive to a C-Train station with my bike on board, and leaving the van head off by bike. My daughter is commuting downtown by transit, so she picks up the van on her way home, and then has the van for errands. Today, I parked at Chinook Station and headed north to Mount Royal College for a course I’m taking.

Later that night, the ride home in the softly drifting first-snow-of-the-season was magical…..




Yesterday was the warmest Halloween on record for 50 years! I can’t remember a Halloween in Calgary when it hadn’t already snowed (a week before, or a month before). Sure, most of it had usually melted before Halloween, but there was still ice under some trees, the leaves were frozen to the ground, and anchoring the blow-ups with stakes wasn’t much fun. But this Halloween, WOW!

We setup the blow-ups before I left for work in the morning. When I got home, Elizabeth had already plugged in and was ready for the little trick & treaters (we barely saw ours though, looks like this year was the year they outgrew Halloween). After about 85 grim reapers, fairies, wolf men, and a dining room window (I had to ask who he was!), it was over for another year.  Sigh…..






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