Are you looking for a student project, internship or resume experience? Do you want to practice existing skills or learn new ones? We are looking for passionate people who want to collaborate in open-source development projects. Open-source projects allow you to show your work to others without restriction, and are a great way to demonstrate your skills and gain credibility. Open-source projects are also great opportunity to learn new technical and teamwork skills.

Projects of interest include new technology development, IIoT (sensor to server), and enterprise business software related to product development and project management.

Skills of interest include:

  • Sysadmin and development (BSD, Linux, networking, mail and communication stacks, file sharing and MS Windows® interoperability, web-app delivery stacks).
  • Object-oriented software development (Python, Javascript, PHP/Yii, node.js).
  • Hardware and firmware embedded system development (ARM Cortex-M4, C/C++, RTOS, networking, device drivers and SD data storage, WiFi, BTLE, LPWAN, LoRa, Beaglebone, MSP432, MSP430).
  • User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design for embedded and mobile devices.
  • SME and enterprise business processes (sales, manufacturing, ECR/ECO, engineering product development, PLM, manufacturing, ERP, MRP, inventory control, bookkeeping, accounting, project management, electronic document control and EDMS).
  • Agile project management methodologies.
  • Documentation and technical writing.
  • Sales and Business Development.

Contact Dale using the Contact form here to discuss potential collaboration. You can also find Dale on LinkedIn